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How to get promoted at work: 9 steps to success

by Ivan
how to get promoted how to get a promotion Follow these 9 steps to success and you will get that promotion Ivan Ocampo

Find out how to get promoted: Follow these 9 steps to success and you will get that promotion.

How to get promoted: We all want to move ahead in our careers. Depending on your chosen profession, moving up can take many steps, but it is usually dependent on getting multiple promotions over the years. So how do you make yourself the top choice when promotion time comes?

Follow these nine rules, and you will be successful.

1. Believe in yourself and what you are doing

It doesn’t matter if you are in accounts receivable or the top salesperson for your company. When you believe in yourself and the contribution you make to the company, it shows, and people will pick up on that. Believing in yourself helps build your assurance in your work, and when you are confident in what you do, your productivity soars.

2. Be positive and engaged

This doesn’t mean you have to show a happy face all the time, but it does mean you should be approachable and knowledgeable about your duties and responsibilities. The more positive you are, the more it encourages others around you to be upbeat too. When you create that kind of atmosphere at work, it will be noticed by the boss.

3. Focus on solving problems, not whining about them

The more people complain about a problem, the less that gets done about it. Take a step back and think of innovative ways to address the issue. If you become a problem solver, then you become extremely valuable to your organization.

4. Reach out

Talk to others, too, as you go about solving significant problems. When you work to create consensus on your team, then it makes your likelihood of success much higher. Plus, people begin regarding you as a “go-to” person when there’s an issue, which is key to getting more responsibility.

5. Keep an eye on your boss

The more aware you are of what your boss needs, the better your chances of being noticed. This doesn’t mean you have to suck up to the boss. It just means being indispensable, someone who gets things done without, or before, being asked.

6. Don’t complain

The more you badmouth a person or situation, the more you develop a rep for being negative. Complainers do not get promoted, no matter the validity of their complaints. If you don’t like something, work to change it instead.

7. Request performance feedback

Asking for constructive criticism shows that you are interested in being an excellent performer and that you care. Nothing indicates that you should be promoted more readily than your asking to be evaluated on your work.

8. Treat everyone at work with respect

Sometimes it’s hard, but it is essential: From the most unreliable delivery person to the most curmudgeonly IT guy, disengage your personal feelings and be polite and genuine. This is a behavior that will again draw attention to your positive work attitude and productivity. Nasty people are their own worst enemy; don’t let them suck you in.

9. Maintain your composure in a crisis

When you show that you can handle chaos, you win points. The boss needs people who can perform in good times and during high-pressure moments.

No matter your age or skill set, follow these nine rules of getting noticed for promotion, and you will climb the ladder faster than you thought possible.

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