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What are the best Windows 11 features for hybrid work?

by Ivan
What are the best Windows 11 features for hybrid work Ivan Ocampo

See the Future of Hybrid Work, Powered by Windows 11 features:

Excitement builds for Windows 11 features Powers the Future of Hybrid Work.

Microsoft is preparing a new event focused on Windows 11 features for hybrid work, which will take place on April 5th. The company hasn’t said much about what you can expect, aside from sharing a page that simply states “Windows powers the future of hybrid work”. There will be a keynote address by Panos Panay, chief of the Windows team at Microsoft, so you can probably expect big news.

The event page also mentions three breakout sessions focused on productivity and collaboration, management, and security, which are likely the focal points of the event as a whole. While the news may end up not being overly exciting for general consumers, hybrid work has been a major focus for Microsoft in the past two years, so this makes a lot of sense.

What we know

Last summer, Microsoft had a similar event focused exclusively on Teams features for hybrid work, and then more of them came in September. In fact, pretty much every Microsoft event these days talks about hybrid work as the future of work in general. After all, many users have gotten used to working remotely over the last two years, and as life goes back to normal, some see the benefits of balancing in-person and remote work.

Windows 11 does have some integration with Microsoft Teams, but it’s been focused on personal use. If you want to use Teams for work or school, you need to download a separate version of the app. It could be that this event will focus more so on new Teams features for hybrid work built into Windows 11. Microsoft also recently introduced Search Highlights for Windows Insiders, and business users will see information about people in their organization here, so we wouldn’t be surprised if this feature made some kind of appearance at the event.

The event will take place on April 5th at 11 AM Eastern Time. Until then:

Here are the top nine Windows 11 Features for Hybrid Work

As workers around the world eye a return to the office – or an entire shift toward hybrid work – having the right technology in place is key in making sure that everyone is protected and connected. Microsoft designed Windows 11 to break down the barriers that stand between in-office workers and their virtual counterparts, creating a workplace of the future that brings employees closer together than ever before – no matter where in the world they actually are. Here are the top nine Windows 11 tools that give hybrid workers everything that they need to succeed.

Smoother Multi-Monitor Experience

3 Ways To Split Your Screen Instantly In Windows 11

From offices and conference halls to coffee shops and living rooms, users around the world are connecting their computers to a variety of docks and screens throughout the day. Microsoft has improved the multi-monitor experience in Windows 11. The system now remembers the layout of specific screens, putting your programs back just where they were before you disconnected and hit the road.

More Screen Real Estate

Today’s employees are productivity powerhouses, keeping dozens of programs running at any given time to cover as much ground as possible throughout the workday and stay connected to their company’s conversation. Snap Layouts are a new feature in Windows 11 that can help make the most of your screen real estate, displaying two, three, or even four programs at any given time. These layouts can be easily saved and customized, helping you snap back into your workflow and keep eyes on the data that you depend on to succeed.

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Microsoft is betting big on Teams in Windows 11, going so far as to bake it directly into the operating system and put it front and center on the taskbar of every new Windows 11 installation. While downloading the official Microsoft Teams is still required for business accounts, Microsoft’s focus on building teams into a fundamental part of the way that we communicate online on Windows is shining through in the quality of the service and the experience they’re delivering. From higher quality calls and unique group layouts to dedicated Teams calling devices through partnerships with hardware producers, Microsoft is creating a complete experience that keeps employees connected from anywhere in the world.

Next-Level Cybersecurity

Microsoft has upped their security in their new OS. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 11 is a Zero Trust-ready operating system outfitted with device encryption, virtualization-based security, hypervisor-protected code integrity, and Secure Boot, all coming together to cut the threat of malware down by 60 percent. Combining these system-level protections with enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools creates a strong defense against the growing wave of cybersecurity attacks no matter where you’re working.

Windows 11 requires users to have malware protection turned on

In addition to out-of-the-box zero-trust, Windows 11 requires more modern CPUs to protect you from malware and ransomware. Windows 11 supported hardware includes hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI), virtualisation-based security (VBS), and Secure Boot.

Windows 11 introduces new security innovations such as hardware-enforced stack protection. This will protect from zero-day exploits alongside supported Intel and AMD hardware.

Redesigned for Simplicity

Introducing Windows 11 | Windows Experience Blog

While previous Windows operating systems often felt underdesigned and clunky, Microsoft took inspiration from Apple’s MacOS with the latest edition of Windows. From tablets and laptops to full desktop PCs, Windows 11 sticks to that reliable functionality that Microsoft is known for, but adds a Fluent design that is easy on the eyes – and easy to use. The Start menu is streamlined, showing you your favorite programs at a glance while the taskbar icons are now centered for ease of use. On top of these small tweaks, Widgets are now a larger part of the Windows experience to keep you tuned into the most important information that you need to know 24/7. Windows 11 is designed to keep you productive in every part of your life, whether you’re at the office or working from home.

Windows 11 includes a new UI design that enhances productivity

Many of us might open several windows or tabs throughout the day and work across documents and chat apps. Windows 11 simplifies how you organise, group and toggle between them. When you reconnect your device to your monitors, Windows 11 remembers the layout and snaps them back – there is no need to re-organise your windows each time you move.

The Start menu sits at the centre of your screen with a modern look alongside easier ways to find apps and suggested documents. Apps on the taskbar are centre-oriented to create uniformity.

Windows 11 has a reduced major update frequency

Microsoft has also taken on the request for annual updates, which makes the OS much easier to deploy. Windows 11 will receive a yearly update with Enterprise and Education editions receiving 36 months of support.

Windows 11 receives regular patches and fixes throughout the year, but feature updates only occur annually.

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