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Python for Data Science: how to cheatsheet

by Ivan

This will be a short post, but I thoguht I would share with you an amazing amalgamation of the last Python for Data Science Cheatsheet you will ever need.

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One Python for Data Science Cheat Sheet to Rule Them ALL!

With the great IT revolution and especially with the emergence of data science in recent years, the importance of Python has increased manifold since it has become the primary language in data science and development.

Python is the ultimate language for developers since it is unique, flexible, has a very simplified syntax, and has a robust community.

It is a very practical language, as it supports cross-platform operating systems which makes data science and development way more convenient.

Some of the globally known applications such as BitTorrent, DropBox, and YouTube use Python to achieve their functionality, and the number of applications using Python is only increasing.

The cheat sheet below is, without a doubt, an all-inclusive Python cheat sheet that has been the first in the ranking for Python cheatsheets for many years. It not only covers Python basics but offers extensive details on running Jupyter notebook and some of the most important and widely used Python libraries for data science.

The cheatsheet includes:

  • Cheat Sheet: Python Basics
  • Cheat Sheet Widgets: Jupyter Notebook
  • Cheat Sheet: NumPy Basics
  • Cheat Sheet: SciPy
  • Cheat Sheet: Pandas Basics
  • Cheat Sheet: Scikit-Learn
  • Cheat Sheet: Matplotlib
  • Cheat Sheet: Seaborn
  • Cheat Sheet: Bokeh

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